Sustainability at WINSTONgolf

Our rules of play to keep nature clean

The here and now is easy to enjoy at WINSTONgolf. To keep it that way, we also think of tomorrow and put our love of nature into practice – with the goal of becoming carbon neutral until 2030.

We handle all resources sensitively, and we advocate glocalism. In other words: if everyone champions the environment locally, it will be globally beneficial to the whole world.

We are already teeing-off in terms of sustainability, with hard-hitting measures: for example with our photovoltaic plant, by recycling used oil to make biodiesel, and by using ecological cleaning agents. In addition, only beef and game from the region are on our menu. Wherever possible, there’s no plastic in our bags. And we see off electricity consumption with ever more LEDs. Not least, we ensure our business is conducted sustainably thanks to the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) system.

Our favourite colour is green


  • We use our photovoltaic plant to generate clean energy.
  • Your e-car draws electricity from our charging point.
  • Our tees and wooden tees are biodegradable.
  • We use our franking machine instead of postage stamps.
  • We recycle misprints for notes and incoming faxes.
  • We reuse packaging cartons.
  • We consciously use our filing folders for a longer time.
  • We use digital solutions to avoid printing unnecessary copies.
  • The new WINSTONgolf app saves using scorecards.
  • We use a staff app for internal communication.


  • The Kuhpon farm just around the corner supplies our organic quality beef.
  • We serve only natural, local game meat.
  • We give twice the cultivation area to our herb garden.
  • Our external markup on herbs and décor articles is only 5 %.
  • We have reduced plastic waste bags by half.
  • Our dishwasher detergents are 100 % ecological.
  • We use nitrile gloves instead of latex.
  • Our equipment operates only when needed.
  • We use recycled paper for receipts.
  • We do not compromise on the question of waste separation.
  • We use leftovers as organic fertiliser in greenkeeping.
  • Our round bags are made of paper instead of plastic.
  • The Refood company recycles our used cooking oil into biodiesel.
  • Thanks to our drinking water dispensers, we save PET bottles.

Facility Management

  • We have reduced our usage of waste bags by 80 %.
  • We use only ecological cleaning agents and gloves.
  • We install hand dryers instead of towels in all the WCs.
  • We have centralised our waste disposal.
  • We save 3.5 kWh of electricity by using LED lighting.


  • Autonomous electric robot mowing machines decrease our diesel consumption, reduce maintenance and allow our greenkeepers free time for other tasks.
  • For our lawns, we use exclusively organic fertiliser that we manufacture ourselves.

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